GREETINGS 2024 年始のご挨拶








Happy New Year!

Although time seemed to stop due to COVID-19, new developments were actually brewing under the surface. Society was already updating itself for when the world would start moving again in earnest. I could really feel this in 2023. This can also be seen in our New Year’s visual drawn by the Tokyo-based illustrator Michio Nakao, which features a spectacular clock around the neck.

Now, one of the major changes in 2023 is the spread of the iconic ChatGPT and other generative AI, bringing us into an age where anyone can create something very similar to actual creative pieces by referencing past works. What do we create and express? What kind of story will act as our bridge to connect with others? These questions will be crucial in the new age. In other words, the key lies in the ability to plan, direct, conceive, and imagine. I am talking about creativity that coexists with AI yet respects the past, one with multiple layers of context and even leaps forward sometimes. Although the demand for artistic expression changes over time, its essence remains the same.

After all, Degico started with the notion, “Is there love in there?” seeking to excite everyone with creativity. This passion fuels our uncompromising obsession with creativity, allowing us to work until the very end. In other words, we persevere all the way in hopes of providing excitement.

You can also see this passion at CENTER, an art gallery that opened a year and a half ago in Hacchobori, Tokyo, and Takamatsu, Kagawa. Our challenge in the year 2024 is to strengthen the link between DEGICO and CENTER and combine creativity with art to boost their value. We will create unprecedented value by incorporating artistic sense into our corporate activities, creating a “chain of excitement” where both the creators and those enjoying the creations discover fresh perspectives that lead to new value.

I wish you all happiness and prosperity in 2024 and look forward to another year with you.