Project_貝印×EYESCREAM Instagram Live

雑誌/ウェブの両軸で展開するカルチャーメディア「EYESCREAM」と、1908年創業の刃物メーカー、貝印株式会社によるタイアップ企画「Edges Ahead」の一環として行われたインスタグラムライブの企画制作/アートディレクションを担当。コラージュアーティスト/アートディレクターの河村康輔への公開インタビュー、あっこゴリラのライブ+清水文太の衣装スタイリング、インディペンデントマガジン「HIGH(er) magazine」編集長のharu.と、盟友クールアンドスパイシーによるトークイベントといった、同タイアップ連載に登場してきたクリエイターとともに作り上げました。


Planned, produced, and art directed the Instagram Live that was part of the “Edges Ahead” project, a collaboration between EYESCREAM, paper/Web sub-culture media, and kai corporation, a cutlery manufacturer established in 1908. The Instagram Live featured such performances by fellow creators as an open interview with collage artist/art director Kosuke Kawamura, the live performance of Akko Gorilla and costume styling of Bunta Shimizu, and a talk event with haru., editor of “HIGH(er) magazine” with close friend Cool&Spicy.

As is the special characteristic of Instagram, the event was shot with a single camera, but what some may see as a limiting factor was turned into an advantage, as the immersive experience emphasises the live aspect of the event. The key visuals were based on the art produced by Kosuke Kawamura in the same serialisation, and incorporated an original logo that combines the EYESCREAM logo and that of the kai corporation. In addition to the visual emphasis on the collaborative relationship between kai and EYESCREAM, the design also projects hints of playfulness. This original logo has also been displayed on an official T-shirt for the collaboration of Kosuke Kawamura x kai x EYESCREAM.

当日の詳しい様子はEYESCREAM WEBのレポート記事からも確認できます。

You can read more about the details of the event from the report article on EYESCREAM WEB.

Art Director:イケダマサヤ(DEGICO)
Movie Director:増田雄一

Client:貝印株式会社 / 株式会社スペースシャワーネットワーク

June 2020