Project_日本黒毛和牛焼肉 牛太


I was in charge of creative direction and corporate identity/visual identity production for the brand renewal of Gyuta, a yakiniku restaurant specializing in Japanese Black beef (kuroge wagyu) with multiple locations in Hong Kong. To also employ visual information to impress upon yakiniku enthusiasts in Hong Kong that the restaurant specializes in kuroge wagyu produced in Japan, I boldly incorporated traditional Japanese culture in a pop aesthetic. Updating elements of traditional culture such as paper lanterns, noren curtains, and Edo-style text expressed visuals in a form currently in motion, rather than traditional Japanesque taste. Key graphics, developed with an illustrator who sampled Ukiyo-e prints, are used prominently throughout elements in the restaurant, including the 10-meter long wall that extends through the interior.


Creative Director:イケダマサヤ(DEGICO)
Interior Designer:STUDIO C8

September 2022