Happy New Year.
The year of the tiger, Reiwa 4, 2022. DEGICO’s New Year visual is the live-action version of “I Am Ebisu” that we worked on together with Ms. Ai Takahashi from Kyoto Gion Sekumeto, a masterpiece sharing good fortune. Truly auspicious.

Currently, we particularly feel that society and values are definitely transforming. That must be in a good direction. In this diverse age, we want to value imagination, instantaneous force, and fluidity. While observing carefully, flexibly face various perspectives without getting fixated. Doing this may allow not just for Plan A/B, but perhaps even a leap to a better and more unique Plan “D” based on A and B. We want to value such fluidity. Come to think of it, the Seven Lucky Gods also float on a treasure ship.

This fluidity also connects to the awareness/actions of “being able to do it wherever I am” that have been rapidly absorbed. It is a fact that the locals each do their own thing, which is incredibly interesting (including cultures rooted in the land and chemical reactions with the migrant group). Even for our company’s Takamatsu office, we are working on new developments towards this spring. What we envision is the scenery of individuals gathering, bustling, coming and going, evoking emotions, and leading to the next. By creating such a that serves as a foundation for that, DEGICO wants to create new cultures and communication. We want to pour our love and passion into the soil to nurture those roots and stems. We keenly feel that creativity in the coming age is born from this fluidity, , each individual’s charms, and the hybrids of those.

We hope that 2022 will be a year filled with happiness for everyone. We hope that you will continue to support us this year.

New Year’s Day, 2022